Court Preparation, Review, and Testimony

Our associates have testified at trial or deposition as witnesses in Federal, State, and Local Courts throughout their law enforcement careers.  These appearances have been in both civil and criminal matters.

These appearances have included Federal District Courts in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Seattle, and Tacoma.  Civil litigation involving all types of police procedures and practices have included the use of force; police pursuits; deadly force; negligent selection, training, and retention; as well as class action and Federal 1983 civil rights cases.

As consultants and expert witnesses, our associates have assisted in numerous police liability, use of force, police pursuit matters, and jail issues.  Jurisdictions involved in either testimony, and/or case consultation and review have ranged from Florida, California, Illinois, Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana and Washington.

  • Litigation Support

  • Criminal Case Review

  • Expert Witness

  • Pre-Trial Case Review

  • Preparation of Opinion Reports

  • Affidavits and Depositions

  • Rebuttal Declarations

  • Court Testimony

  • Response to Motions for Summary Judgment

Police Procedures Review examination and audit of current or proposed policies and procedures.
Court Preparation, Review, and Testimony review, analysis, critique, case preparation, and expert witness in law enforcement related litigation.
Training and Public Safety Consulting customized training for a wide range of commercial, industrial and public entities.


Health Industry Fraud and Business Risk Management review, analysis, investigation, and expert witness.